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List users – Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs

 · const options = { authProvider, }; const client = Client.init(options); let users = await client.api(‘/users’) .header(‘ConsistencyLevel’,’eventual’) .filter(‘endswith(mail,\’\’)’) .orderby(‘userPrincipalName’) .get(); Read the SDK documentation for details on how to add the SDK to your project and create an authProvider instance.

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Working with users in Microsoft Graph – Microsoft Graph v1 …

 · You can access users through Microsoft Graph in two ways: By their ID, /users/{id | userPrincipalName} By using the /me alias for the signed-in user, which is the same as /users/{signed-in user’s id} Authorization. One of the following permissions is required to access user operations. The first three permissions can be granted to an app by a user.

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Use the Microsoft Graph API – Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Docs

How to Create a New User Account on Your Computer – dummies

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Create Azure AD User using Graph API & HTML Form ……

 · Now the part where I’m at a loss is how to pass the values captured in a form using Javascript to the Microsoft Graph API to create the user in Azure AD based on the values filled into the fields. I have created the Azure App Registration with sufficient permissions as per Microsoft Documentation. User.Read.All & User.ReadWrite.All

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Use query parameters to customize responses – Microsoft Graph

 · Add users to AD group using Microsoft graph api with PowerShell. Ask Question Asked today. Active today. Viewed 12 times 0 I have created a o365 E5 trial account and registered a app in azure and given required API permission for the application. Adding user to AD group I have given the below permission with admin consent.

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