how to spawn a cube in portal 2

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Steam Community :: Guide :: Portal 2 Console Commands

 · Easy Method for Binding Keys. If you would like to have an easy method of binding all of your keys at once, open up your Program Files and look for: Steam -> steamapps …[browser-shot url=”″ width=”600″ height=”450″]

Steam Community :: Guide :: Portal 2 Console Commands

 · ent_create prop_scaled_cube – spawns a scaled cube (only works in the Sixense MotionPack) ent_create prop_glass_futbol – spawns an unused glass futbol ent_create …[browser-shot url=”″ width=”600″ height=”450″]

Portal 2 Console Commands – SteamAH

 · In this section ill show the spawn commands, these you use to create things. ‘ent_create’ is the base command for spawning things. You can’t do nothing without this.[browser-shot url=”” width=”600″ height=”450″]

Steam Community :: Guide :: How to spawn things in Portal

 · 1.ok this is the code: ch_createjeep. 2.When you have done that, type in: ent_fire jeep enableradar; ent_fire jeep enablegun 1. What happens is that you unlock the …[browser-shot url=”″ width=”600″ height=”450″]